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23 October 2010


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It is very very delicious among the food that I have had. After eating this rusk, I want to find the address available for this rusk. When I arrive at Japan, I try the best to buy this food.

Thank you very much for making this food.

Morreen 24th June, 2013

About Food in Japan site owner

Hi Jacque,
Thank you for your comment.
It is available only at several shops in Japan.
Hope you will have a chance to get it when you travel to Japan!

Jacquelyn Hernandez


A friend of mine from Japan gave me this cookie. I would very much like to buy this cookie. How may I buy it?

[email protected]

About Food in Japan site owner

Tanya, no idea to be honest! Even in Japan, it is sold only at several shops out of the origin prefecture Gumma. If we found any opportunity in US, we will post the BIG news on our facebook page and twitter.


Can you get this in the United States??? It is so delicious............. Id like to purchase this one.. Thanks for your helo!!

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